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Mini Amphibole Quartz Points
Mini Amphibole Quartz Points

Mini Amphibole Quartz Points

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Amphibole Quartz Points- mini

From 20 - 28mm tall 

These are small but are a really high quality.

Intuitively picked

Amphibole quartz is also known as angel phantom quartz. It will work closely with the third eye and throat chakras. It is found only in Brazil.

It has inclusions that are yellow (Limonite), red (Haematite), white (Kaolinite), and pink (Lithium).

These crystals are associated with peace and harmony. It is an uplifting stone.

This crystal excels at manifestation.

It will bring its user in contact with the higher realms during meditation. 

It is also a powerful stone for lucid dreaming.  

Bring it to work to help with communication among the team.