Black Tourmaline (set of 4)
Black Tourmaline (set of 4)
Black Tourmaline (set of 4)

Black Tourmaline (set of 4)

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Rough Black Tourmaline 
(Set of 4 pieces)
Pieces will be intuitively chosen.
Black Tourmaline is also known as schorl. It is found in Brazil, Pakistan, Africa, China and the USA. It is associated with the base chakra and the element of earth.
Black Tourmaline is an excellent grounding stone and clears its surroundings of negativity. 
Black Tourmaline offers psychic protection and helps keep the auric field clear. 
 Black Tourmaline can become electrically charged by heating or rubbing them. 
Black Tourmaline offers protection against environmental pollution and electromagnetic smog associated with mobile phones and electronic devices. 
Black Tourmaline is said to be a good stone to soothe and ease panic attacks and is said to help ease fear of dentists or doctors. 
All in all it is a workhorse of a crystal and definitely one to have in your collection.